Kitchen Essentials

Free and Native Kitchen Essentials

As a private holistic chef, I am nothing without my go-to kitchen essentials.  Here are my most used and most loved. 

OLIVE WOODEN SPOONS | because there is no such thing as metal cooking utensils in our kitchen.  Ryan's mom really introduced me to the ancient love of cooking with wooden spoons.  And my love grows deeper by the year. 

JARS | they house my beloved ferments, herbs, broths, infusions and so much more. 

VITAMIX | I hold NOTHING more dear to my heart in the kitchen.  This is my greatest investment and my daily loved.  I use it at least three times a day. 

KNIFE SET | my grandparents always kept this set in both of their homes.  So based on nostalgia I have the same. 

JUICER | because we always get our juices at Moon Juice, this is our trusty home back up--in a pinch. 

PEPPER MILL | a loved piece that really rounds out the finishing touch on each dish. 

ENAMEL CAST IRONS | not a day goes by that the dad, mom, then baby version doesn't get used out of this set. 

DEHYDRATOR | when I get into my summer raw food kicks. 

NUT MILK BAG | for all seed & nut milk & sprouting purposes. 

EGYPTIAN MAGIC | this little bottle of magic is a true healer in all things dried & cracked skin (especially after heavy dish washing). 

FERMENTING CROCK | my most beloved medicinal, probiotic, superfood vegetables are made in large wondrous batches in this powerhouse. 

BIRKENSTOCK CLOG | you'll never catch me in the kitchen without these on. My back is grateful daily. 

POT BRUSH | the real elbow grease in the kitchen.

DISH BRUSH | elbow grease's gentle cousin. 

KETTLE | this hardworking kettle is responsible for heating all the water that goes into my loving tonics & herbal infusions. 

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