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I was introduced to Maggie by my dear friend Angela Trimbur, which raved that Maggie and I would really connect with each others' vibe.  Upon meeting her, I didn’t expect such a grounded and completely self-possessed, eloquent woman.  Furthermore, I was totally blown away by her project CLEAR CALENDAR, which embodies the missing pieces of my routinely practiced manifesting process—vision & time.  Meet this graceful soul that is coaching the creatives & comedians of Los Angeles with her CLEAR CALENDAR gatherings to help them realize and stretch to their fullest potentials. 

CLEAR CALENDAR, WHAT IS IT EXACTLY | CLEAR CALENDAR is a 12-month modern visualization tool to help clarify your intentions and manifest your desires in the year ahead.  Each month’s page is designed to connect you to the desires, the vision, the ease and the simplicity of your most authentic self as you begin to generate life experiences in alignment with that powerful connection.

WHAT INSPIRED THIS MAGICAL PROJECT | I had always enjoyed engaging in space-clearing rituals using aromatherapy or energy-clearing rituals like meditation, exercise, and holistic nutrition to bring more balance and groundedness into my life.  But when it came to my time, and the concept of time, I was at a loss in terms of defining, organizing or clearing it in any kind of concrete way.  Time, to me, was such an abstract idea and any attempt on my behalf to regulate it felt futile and almost immoral; how ridiculous to think I could possess or shape something as infinite and wild and transcendental as time. 

However, one day it hit me that not having a plan was still a plan.  By ignoring time, I had inadvertently allowed it to own me.  I decided that time didn’t have to be an esoteric concept and that my irreverence was not enlightened or useful.  I began to direct my time.  Soon, CLEAR CALENDAR was born.  It was created from my desire to connect with time in a beautiful and personal way, to get in touch with the fact that the sun rises in the morning and sets at night and within that finite space I can choose what I most deeply want to do, and feel, and think.

WHAT MAKES CLEAR CALENDAR SO AUTHENTIC | We all want.  We all desire to have or to be or to feel some-thing.  Consciousness wants to expand.  Abundance is beautiful.  However, I believe that there can be a shadow expression of the desire to expand, one that advertisers know too well can be marketed to and exploited.  When we are taught, subtly, that we don’t have enough or that we aren’t enough, our desires are born of fear.  Making someone feel as if they lack something creates an emptiness that needs to be filled; a blankness that needs to be adorned.  This is a spiritually and emotionally abusive tactic that is used to make you feel that you need whatever they’ve got.  It is of the utmost importance to know that you are enough, otherwise your manifestations will never really be enough.  If you are filling an emptiness that wasn’t actually real in the first place, your manifestations won’t really matter to you or feel fulfilling.  So the first step, and something CLEAR CALENDAR is dedicated to inspiring, is to begin connecting to the self within that has it all.  This self is full of joy, love and calm.  It is simple and it is authentic and it has a tone that is uniquely you.

In short, the manifestation of desire is one of the most mystical, alchemical, beautiful and fun happenings in life.  I created CLEAR CALENDAR to enliven this process and to manifest the desires of your most authentic self.  Setting intentions and manifesting is great, but only when the intention is born of love and strength, not of fear and lack.  CLEAR CALENDAR wants you to connect with your singular vibration of love and strength as you connect simultaneously with your desires.

CLEAR CALENDAR PROCESS | We begin with a meditation to ground the session so that it feels safer to engage in the dreamier aspects of the process later.  Each month’s page has seven sections:  +THE VOID, +THE QUOTE, +THE RITUALS,  +THE NEW EXPERIENCES, +THE WILD CARD, +THE SURRENDER and +THE GRATITUDE.  We explore each of the seven sections in-depth and engage in group discussions.  The group discussions are by far my favorite parts of the gatherings.  It’s amazing to witness one person bravely share their profoundly intimate and profoundly personal story and then witness the way that their “unique” feelings ignite the most universal understanding within the group.  The words “me too!” are my favorite words to hear during a session.

PROFOUND BREAKTHROUGHS WITH YOUR CLIENTS | A lot of the people I’ve worked with moved to LA for creative work but there is still a kind of residual loyalty to the place where they grew up or the people they grew up with.  Sometimes this is a lovely thing and there isn’t a conflict.  But sometimes there is a conflict.  Sometimes people are carrying the zeitgeist of their hometown with them; ideologies that block desires and create duplicitous realities.  For example, false concepts like being gay isn’t acceptable, money is immoral, love is hard work and a lot of “don’t forget where you came from” energy.  I try to encourage my clients to forget their narrative, forget the plot of their story and focus on their character.

I really love talking with people about the concepts of identity and authenticity because they can be such mutable ideas.  Everyone that I’ve been lucky enough to meet with has been open to the idea that we are constantly changing; that we are somehow always at the beginning.  It’s important to connect to who you are right now. 

Letting go of obedience to some distant authority that doesn’t feel good anymore while identifying current authentic devotions and loyalties in one’s life is a shift I’ve enjoyed witnessing very much.   

CAN ONE PRACTICE CLEAR CALENDAR ON THEIR OWN | Absolutely.  The CLEAR CALENDAR parties and gatherings are powerful and fun experiences for those who live in the Los Angeles area but I also sell the calendars individually. They each have a guide to each section within. 

WHAT’S ON YOUR CLEAR CALENDAR THIS MONTH | I’m very proud to say that a couple months ago I added “Playing Basketball” to my +NEW EXPERIENCES section - it was an activity that I wanted to try.  It has since become a +RITUAL, something I am committed to and do regularly.  It’s so gratifying to look back through the months within my calendar and observe how a “new experience” became a pillar of my existence and has brought me so much joy.

HOLISTIC RITUALS & NOURISHMENT | I love to cook. And making dinner while I listen to music is a holistic ritual I can’t live without.  Eating organic and plant-based meals and drinking a variety of organic herbal teas makes me feel totally awesome.  

BOOK YOU’RE READING | I am re-reading one of my favorites, The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton and skipping around another book called The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley.

I START MY DAY BY | Looking at my calendar.  Each month’s page has a vision board section called +THE VOID that you collage or draw on in addition to more practical spaces for more concrete intentions.  I use it to remind myself of my desires and the tone of my vision before I start my day.  Then, ideally it’s a quiet hike through Griffith Park and a green juice.  

ORGANIC RAW VEGAN DATE & COCONUT BLISS BALL RECIPE | This recipe is all about feeling out the proportions. They change every time I make them, but it’s usually:

1+1/2 cups whole almonds

1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

¼ cup hulled pumpkin seeds

¼ cup chia seeds

1 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt 

2 cups dates 

Maca, cacao, and extra coconut shreds if desired for rolling balls in if desired.  

PROCESS | I hand-chop the organic dates after pitting them and set them aside.  In a blender or chopper I mix the organic coconut, almonds, hulled pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and himalayan salt.  You can then either slowly add the dates to the mixture and blend or hand-mix if you prefer.  Roll them into balls and enjoy!  

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