My Personal Assistant

Call it spring fever or a minor case of the blues. I can’t quite identify what has been the underlining motive to my lackadaisical approach to my work lately. Not all of my work. Simply mundane tasks like responding to emails, filing, scanning receipts, posting and dropping things in the mail—you get the point.

When I attended the most magical YEAH! Popup at The Hudson Loft this past Sunday to hear my dear friend Erica Chidi-Cohen speak about Motherhood, I finally had a chance to connect in person with Alexis Smart regarding her potent healing flower remedies. Long overdue after many back and forth emails about connecting, this was the perfect energy to meet sweet Alexis. She had me look over her remedies to see which one I might be in need of and it didn’t take more than a minute for My Personal Assistant to jump out at me. I kept scanning each remedy but it was as if that one was reaching out to me with open arms to hug and guide me through this time in the clouds. It was settled. So home I went with my newest addition to the F+N team—My Personal Assistant Flower Remedy.

Four drops under the tongue, four times a day, three days later, and I’m buzzing like a bee with a deeper commitment to my work than I’ve felt in ages. Not only that, but I’ve also magically been starting new projects, organizing more, and feeling a sense of calm productivity along the way.

I’m grateful to Alexis for this special flower blend of clematis, elm, hornbeam, impatiens, and oak for working on the subtle level of the bioenergetic field in my body to help guide me out of my funk daily and bring me to a balanced state.

For anyone that just can't hack it at their job, has lost all interest, or finds themselves blue about tasks at hand, this is just beyond. 

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