Trade Free and native

Nothing has ever felt more natural to me than bartering—or trading. I first experienced this swap of wisdom, talents, and goods when I consulted for Amanda at Moon Juice last year.  For a percentage of the service I provided, I was paid in cosmic merchandise, which was like receiving gold—to me—as I absolutely love every dreamy drop of juice down to every single medicinal product carried.  There was an extra vibrancy to the direct trade of energy, of service, or offering.

Trade has now become an integral portion of my life and company.  In my community of women and alchemist that create a wealth of goods, I’ll find myself trading constantly. Recognition, journal space, bone broth and fermented vegetables are often bartered for oils, potions, services, and the list goes on. It’s become profound and completely defies all societal standards. It takes us back to the incredibly primitive level of the spice trade, or beads for leather. And because trade is a very sacred direct transfer of energy, I’m INCREDIBLY specific about who I trade with. 

I implore anyone looking to connect their community deeper and richen their quality of life to start implementing trade or bartering into their daily or even monthly life. It can be any service you provide for something desired from another you respect, and agree on. From something as simple as homemade body butter for two hours of childcare. Family photography for a weekend at the family’s second home. The possibilities are endless. Amazing organizations have been founded on these principals. One may already exist in your community. If it doesn’t, create one within your circle, your town, your family.

Trading is also a miraculous exercise in releasing the power we place in money. And deeply understanding that though money is needed, it is just theory.  It’s only as powerful and controlling as we let it be. Quality of life and happiness can’t be defined by it. Especially while the power of trade is present in our village.  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips