NATIVE week no. 1


My week in links. 

PRACTICE | Ryan's mom gifted me this book. I plop down my large meditation pillow and practice four mundras a day. The most miraculous things have been happening and I've never felt more tuned in

ORMUS | two weekends ago, I stumbled upon this magical bottle of Ormus at the Ojai farmers market, and that combined with the daily mudras have been taking life to another level. Literally. Her face serums were also unreal. 

BOOK | to all the strong, busy women walking around with massive endocrine system issues including: adrenal fatigue, infertility, acne, stubborn weight, hormonal imbalance, and generally want to understand the ins-and-outs of our cycles, I'm reading this book for you (and me).  

POTTERY | I had the honor of accompanying a dear friend to a Kinfolk movie gathering at Communal the other night, and I was so lucky to pick up the most special mug specifically made for this event by Mt. Washington Pottery. Now I sip my custom herbal infusions out of it daily. It just makes the whole world a better place. 

GARMENT | I truthfully just cannot get out of this jumper. It's become my daily uniform. 

YES | caught this article on It's Me, Charlotte's Facebook, and resonated with it deeply. I think you will too. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips