I Gave Up Time

Gave Up Time

You read that right! A year ago, around this time, I was introduced to Lauren Spencer King’s meditation class. It was a powerful experience that has stuck with me. What I found to be even more powerful was what came up for me during the mediation. I was guided to “give up time”. Not really understanding how to process that at the time, I sat on it, pondered it, was in awe of the concept, and watched it fade away into something I wish I had tried. Then a week ago I was feeling spread a bit thin, to which I mediated and journeyed inside to seek how to find balance.  “Give up time,” came to me again—stronger than it had before, and just as literal as the concept sounded.

So I did! What did I have to lose? I got masking tape from Ryan’s toolbox and covered the clock on my phone, in my car, and took the clock off my computer. I gave up time.

Then the most miraculous experiences began to happen. No longer was I enslaved by self-imposed daily checkpoints. No longer did I stress in traffic (to which I have zero control). No longer did I rush around. I was literally in the moment. I started actually noticing the sounds of the breeze blow through my hair. The way my dog gallops over to me on our hike with joy. The way the sun hits certain parts of the earth at certain spaces during the day. Without time on my back, I accomplished just as much in a day, but without the added stress.

How did I make appointments on time? I simply set alerts on my phone such as, “get ready to leave for your meeting now.” And that is how I gave up time. It still hasn’t found its daunting way back into my life. I’m not quite sure when it will. But for now, I’m actually living by the season, by the sun, and by the moon. And I’ve never felt freer.

Within sharing this, I give you permission to explore the unforeseen magic that could come with giving up time just for a day, or a weekend. Sometimes it takes getting lost, or experimenting to find a deeper more peaceful version of your self.  

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