Bath Ritual

The bath is one of the most sacred places on earth to me. I hold this time above many other ways I could be spending a morning or evening. Water is something that I connect with deeply, and using it as a means to heal ailments or groom myself transcends me to a space that connects me to ancient Grecian bathhouses or loving local sulfur springs. A time where I can nourish my body, calm my nervous system, hold space, and detox. As of late, I’ve found myself surrounded by the most stunning holistic tools that lift my spirits to high places. Here are a few of the staples that have morphed my bathing ritual recently. 

TRADE YOKE | I'm just blown away by this Ayurvedic Apothecary.  Everything about Venice based (by way of Australia) Tamara Jones is so in alignment with my journey. This classically trained Ayurvedic practitioner creates effective products that aesthetically heighten any outer space as well as internally balance, align, and expand inner space. A few pieces that are carving out a whole new bathing experience for me are: Wood Wick Candles which speak directly to the nomad in all of us, her rose petal filled Vata Perfume Oil which opens the heart, improves focus, and calms anxiety. And her coconut oil based Enriched Tibetan Amber soap which has become my EVERYTHING. Other elements worth noting are her stunning incense and Intention Pouches to which you can insert a mantra or crystal under the new moon to really anchor your intentions deeper. Side note, we're equally obsessed with TY's pinterest. Do pop over there for chic insp. 

BEING | two newfound favorite bath companions are the perfectly blended dead sea salt & himalayan bath salt STILL that truthfully elicits stillness with geranium and ylang ylang. A long day has never met something so refreshing. As well as its sister blend TREAT MILK BATH comprised of arrowroot, thyme, tea tree, and colloidal oatmeal to nourish your skin and tranquilize your energy. 

TOOLS | a couple of frequently used that are worth noting is this Iris Hantverk face brush which I picked up at Broome Street General, Fog Linen washcloth, and JM Generals Goats Milk Hand soap

Carve space for yourself as little as once a month to truly take in a nourishing bath that restores you on a cellular level. 

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