Dried Herbs | Spice Rack

Because you’ve been picking up all the abundant fresh spring herbs that the bountiful Farmers’ Markets have to offer, let’s explore yet another way to use these wondrous plants. You learned the simple act of drying your fresh herbs here. And last week we played around with adding them to our custom tea blends. Today we’ll take a look at preserving them for all the delectable meals we’ll be crafting this summer and beyond.


PROCESS | start by choosing one (or a couple) of your dried herbal bundle(s), and remove leaves into your pestle and mortar. If a few stems find their way in, simply pick them out and toss. Now, feel free to jar the loose leaves as they are, or grind them finer in your pestle and mortar for a medium leaf. If you prefer them completely ground, use a coffee grinder to achieve a fine consistency. Place in jar and cap the lid to whichever preserving method you chose.  Set in your spice rack and use for months and months to come.

Get creative, and make blends for premade summer marinades, soups, sauces, veggies, or dry rubs! 

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