Ilana Kohn | Gary Jumpsuit


Sometimes there is a talent in the world that creates their art in complete symmetry with everything you could ever envision in way of a garment piece.  One that can make you feel vibrant, unique, under-sexualized, and so perfectly express your heart outwardly.

I had been longing for a specific white jumper that I would live in all summer. I even spent many days looking into every company that I love—with no avail. And like everything, I put it into The Universe’s hands.

As always, energy attracts like energy, and so I was introduced to Ilana Kohn and her stunning Gary Jumpsuit. Fireworks sounded, hearts filled my eyes, and pure gratitude engulfed my soul. Now I can live in the high vibrations of this white, Brooklyn crafted, linen masterpiece with the ease of slipping it on in one quick swoop. And penning my nomadic summer journey, whatever may await me with nothing more than a hat to shield the sun, large white pockets for storing small special things, and clogs to lead my way.

The gratitude for well-crafted, domestically made, small companies runs deep—with this specific one completely stealing my heart.  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips