Four Sigmatic Foods

That’s it, I’m hooked. I’ve seen these super convenient packs of medicinal mushrooms made by Four Sigmatic Foods popping up everywhere. Once I finally had the chance to taste each of them, I was a full convert. Perfectly rounded out in flavor with the help of other supportive herbs, as well as stevia, makes these little packets of targeted benefits the quickest, easiest form of tonic making possible.  You literally tear open a packet, empty it into your consumption of choice: water, smoothies, juices, warm water, and the list goes on--and enjoy. 

I’m equally obsessed with the fact that all ingredients are constantly lab tested for heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbial quality, and pesticides.


Your new favorite “fast-food” of the medicinal mushroom world

CHAGA | this has become Ryan’s new favorite arsenal. After a few beers in the evening, and as an already a slow moving kapha in the morning, this little packet, added to a cup of hot water, got him up, in chipper spirits, with continued energy that carried him throughout the day. It has become a morning ritual. 

LION’S MANE | my new best friend. The very first time I tried this little packet was blended with some room temperature water. I sat down to my computer to do some work and instantly felt tapped in. I was hyper focused with a sense of pure zen. It also served me immensely—mixed with one packet of reishi—earlier this week after the worst bout of 5p LA traffic. My nervous system relaxed and I became incredibly present at my meeting.  

CORDYCEPS | Ryan and I enjoy this often for the afternoon pick-me-up and grounded feeling it gives us.

REISHI | I love this medicinal mushroom at all times of the day—especially because I’m prone to rapid anxious thoughts with my head in the clouds. Reishi has been a dream for years now when I’m in need of coming back down to the earth, and relaxing my whole being.  Having this little packet in my purse made it easy for me to mix in with water, or to top off snacks with so that I could reap the reishi experience anytime.

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