Live your truth. (Potentially a very simple but complex message that bears no reminding.)

There is this very special feeling inside all of us that is always honest.  And when you are in line with it, listening to it, and living by it, you feel alive.  I’ve spent my whole life honoring this feeling.

And I spend a lot of time protecting this feeling by eating well, tuning in, getting rid of chemicals, clutter, waste, societal fear, and living minimally, so that I can eliminate anything that masks this feeling.

When college came knocking, I locked the door and climbed out the window to act, express myself, self-educate, and to heal. When love wasn’t just right, I walked the other way in honor of myself and the right love to come.  When a career offered stability and security but unhappiness, I tossed it to the wind to carve my own path. When my peers are expressing similar wisdom as mine, I unfollow and turn on my blinders to give them the space to express their truth, so that I can continue to be guided by this feeling and share unique insight.

If something doesn’t fit just right, shed it, and this feeling will be unavoidable. It is in this space that you will be clear, unique, and abundant.

This feeling is your light. Don’t dim it. Shine it bright. This is your truth. And for all purpose of importance, this feeling is your happiness. 

WISDOM that has brought me closer to my truth: passion | tuning in | finance | investing  

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