NATIVE week no. 2


BOOK | as an absolute fan of Julie Morris’ other books here and here, I’m FREAKING out about this one that will easily answer that 3pm daily quandary, “what should I have for a snack?” Thank you universe. (enter prayer hand emoji's here)

GARMENT | I’ve been on a massive thrifting spree since being in my hometown which houses some of the most renowned mining towns of the 49 gold rush. You can only imaging the treasures to be found here. One of which was an amazing 1945 men’s “dos peso” pinkie ring. Obsessed. It will go swimmingly with these pants I’m running out to buy to fill my summer pant void, along with this hat for all shading purposes.

THE PLANTS | I came to our family ranch with some deep intentions. Some of which were to ground, connect with the land, and garner some insight on a few brewing questions. I've been drinking Gotu Kola infusions on the regular while enjoying some celestial gray weather, and it certainly has me opened, tuned-in, and receiving.  

WISDOM | a few posts worth noting: Iced honey Matcha, Essential Oil Room Sprays, The Edible Bouquet, 11 Minute Raweos, and Self Care Massage

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips