Nitsa Citrine | Artist, Creative Director of Sun Potion

Today, I’m beyond honored to share words from one of the most beautiful forces and magical energies that I know—artist and potion creative director Nitsa Citrine of Sun Potion. This soul radiates absolute gold and pure light. Today she walks us through her grooming secrets, rituals, nourishment and so much more. And this afternoon and tomorrow, she takes over F+N Instagram to bring us live into the heart of Spirit Weavers Gathering where we will get a glimpse into the beauty of and connection of this stunning gathering. Make sure to follow here.  

N | First of all - I will offer a little prelude and say I am writing this piece from The Lodge — the only place with wifi at Spirit Weavers—a Five Day Women’s Gathering up in Mendocino, CA. I have been here just 24 hours and so far the experience has been absolutely magical. Over 500 incredible women have gathered here to share skills, stories and love, cradled in giant redwoods and a whole fleet of mystical forces here to support, educate, and empower the feminine. As I write, I am sipping a bowl of  Reishi + Mint Tea and indulging in a little midnight raw chocolate spread—the new “Sun Potion Bar” from Sweetness of Being—a recently launched tonic herb + cacao collaboration with our friend Sarah Engelhart and other chocolate delights from Wild Omen and ZenBunni.  It’s such a delight and honor to share this experience with you, in this way.  Ok. Here we go!

I am very grateful to have been raised in an unusually health-conscious environment. My grandmother and mother are total health nuts and my father is an Acupuncturist, so I was brought into a rather health-informed, family-home birth, exemptions from all the immunization shots, all with an emphasis on eating organic and local whole foods (my first six years were filled with fresh veggies from the Esalen Farm and my best friend Genevieve and I use to have to beg the seminarians who came to visit us at the institute to give us a little honey from the tea bar (sugar was strictly forbidden in the household!). As a child if I caught a cold, I was pulled out of school and given a good dose of herbs and needles. Very alternative and health-conscious parents.  You get the idea...

However, while my physical health has been very strong, my nervous system has been more sensitive, and this is what has led me through my personal health journey and to my current diet & lifestyle.  As a teen and young adult I developed pretty strong anxiety and depression and when this reached a low (and rather critical point) I turned to herbs for help. With the guidance of a very knowledgeable friend who worked in supplements, I began to take Reishi, Chlorella, and a tincture of Skullcap. These three herbs, and the superfood / tonic herbs I have discovered and incorporated into my diet since have healed my nervous system immensely. It has taken me about 6 years of personal experimentation in studying and preparing a whole spectrum of “healing foods / diets” -  raw, ayurveda, vegan, 5 element (oriental medicine diet), superfoods, fermented foods, a healthy dose of hedonism — and  today I have reached a point where I can confidently say that I have found a sweet balance of culinary worlds, which both suit my personal taste and my body’s needs—most essential being: tuning into a sense of pleasure and gratitude in nourishment and listening to the body.

Dad - Pressed Juice w/ locally wildcrafted herbs and edible wild plants. Guasha (Chinese spoon scraping on the superficial layers of the body to release toxicity & stagnation)

Mama - warm garlic olive oil for ear aches and a sliced onion for bee stings…

Nana - Colloidal silver, anywhere, all the time.

Beauty, beauty, beauty is such a powerful and transcendent energy. I love beauty! I feel it is very much a practice of Presence. Of being open and receptive to the moment. An alignment of the internal and external world that is magical and has the potential to be shared, to activate and heal.

Often beauty comes to me as a feminine energy, something that is infinite and simultaneously present in a tangible form, and I am very inspired by the generosity of the feminine in all her expressions. I find beauty in women and men, creativity, nature, sound, shapes, light, acts of sincerity of kindness, shirt cuffs, the way someone slices open a pear or prepares their tea.  

Lately I have made a point to practice perceiving the less obvious forms of beauty—such as appreciating something that may not suit my immediate preferences or taste—and I love that. I love being more patient and receptive to beauty’s deeper layers.

Ok, I will just walk us through my typical daily health regimen here. (transparency note: this has included quite a few improvisations lately as I have been traveling a lot) but here we are most of the time:

Daily Nourishment: Tea. Tonic Herbal Potion (with Sun Potion Tonic herbs blended with tea and healthy fats like sprouted raw almond milk, coconut cream, grass fed ghee). Pressed Green Juice (I get one daily in Santa Barbara from Ah Juice). Herbal tinctures. Miso broths w/ reishi, cordyceps, and chaga mushroom. Fermented Foods (Sauerkraut, kefir, jun). Whole foods, primarily plant-based but sometimes I enjoy a wild salmon or raw goat cheese. Foods made with love, and local, seasonal fruits and vegetables, beautifully prepared—I love to eat (first) with my eyes.

The Body + Movement:  Sauna, Therapeutic Yoga, Gentle Stretching, Jumping Jacks (started this about a month ago when I was in a hotel room and realized I had not done any cardio in an ungodly long time, hence new spontaneous jumping jack ritual - when I reach that work edge I will pop up and do 75 -100 jumping jacks just like that! And then - when the time offers itself - more active vinyasa or ashtanga yoga, ecstatic dancing, gardening, and hiking.

Mind / Heart / Spirit : Gratitude Meditations - first thing when I wake up in the morning I consider and fill my being with all that I am grateful for…

Photo Meditations - photography has truly become an extension of my self-care practice - it is a way for me to participate in the outer world while tending to my inner vision.

Poetic Meditations. Quietness - turning the senses inward. Conscious Breath.

Tune in live with Nitsa's F+N Instagram takeover at Spirit Weavers Gathering 

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