NATIVE week no. 3

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My week in links.

READ | today, I tried something different. I didn’t post anything until I was moved to do so. I went about my normal 7a morning routine, and then I plopped down and opened up Issue 2 of friend and wild talent Zinzi’s incredible magazine—Knit Wit. Mind blown! I’ve always been a nut about fibers, and then intertwining those fibers with a couple of needles to create the normal scarf, coasters, baby blanket—even an attempted sweater once.

But this incredible publication takes the appreciation of fibers to new levels. Relishing in all the different, modern artistry surrounding them, the artists producing them, the colors representing them, and all the modern ways they are available to us from jewelry, to backpacks, to swimwear. Knit Wit deserves its own space on everyone’s coffee table.

SOUND | I’m going to spend this whole weekend gathering with friends, drinking juices, heading wherever the wind may take me (I hope it guides me to Palm Springs?). But most importantly, the soundtrack of my holiday weekend is going to consist of all Afrobeat tunes and relishing in the fact that it’s almost summer!!!

ELIXIR | I shared my morning elixir here for those of you that haven’t joined us on Insta yet. It's all the hydrating, liver cleansing, bile producing, and alkalizing rage. Also, have you ever seen Ombre citrus? Next level.

TUNING IN | I’ve been having some major feelings and intuition breezing through consistently lately. A lot of it is due to mudras and an INCREDIBLE face oil I've been using morning and evenings with Sun Potion Shea Butter. Not only is it the MOST moisturizing oil, but my psychic antennas are on full alert. It's by Narayan and called Faceology: love is light serum with ormus, no. 6. I can't even begin to describe: 

"The Monoatomic minerals of Gold in the Ormus live oil and 86 minerals in Shilajit, a resin deep from the caves of the Himaylans both known for the abilities to heal and rejuvenate on a deep cellular level and bring pranic life force to your entire body, mind and soul. These 2 magical substances open the cells and deliver the vitamin C, A & E. Narayan has extensively researched and found in seed oils of rosehips, amala , hemp, pumpkin, carrot, and argan and to boost extracts of amala, seabuckthorn and acia."

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips