NATIVE matriarch

NATIVE matriarch is a new series in which we empower women of childbearing years to prepare, create, exist, and continue that cycle again with powerful and nourishing wisdom. It is a series for women of every village, the bearer of life, the protector of growth, and the cyclical goddess within each and every one of us. Even for the matriarch that never wishes to plant and bear her own seed, but to be a strong pillar and a guiding force in any child’s life—the aunt, the grandmother, the teacher, the sister, the caretaker, the adopter, and the friend. This is a space where we will celebrate the feminine, nourish with recipes, heal with remedies, inspire with lifestyle, deepen with fertility wisdom, and much more. In honor of this series and Sunday’s sacred day for the Matriarchs everywhere, this whole week will celebrate women and their magical role in the cycle of life.

So take this powerful Monday to connect deeply with how sacred you are as an energetic creative force on this planet and tune in with some of my favorite NATIVE matriarch tools that are gifts from Mother Nature. When Sunday becomes commercial or daunting, revert back to these nearly free staples and gift them to the women who will love you until the day they die.

ROSE OTTO ESSENTIAL OIL | aside from neroli, this is my favorite of all the essential oils, and it is incredibly symbolic to me as it was used during my woman's blessing when I turned 30 in February. It so boldly represents the essence of the women and is often referred to as the ultimate feminine oil. Helping to regulate menstruation, ease cramps, and balance negative emotions such as anxiety, fear (of change) and invaluable for all types of gynecological imbalances. Nothing is more magical at soothing, softening, and gently toning the skin. A few drops in your moisturizer does wonders. 

NETTLES, RED RASPBERRY LEAF | Both of these herbs are so vital to any woman during any cycle they find themselves in, in womanhood. Vitamin rich with deep mineralization, these herbs work overtime to nourish most aspects of the female system. Steep for 20 minutes and enjoy this feminine tea masterpiece.

GROUNDING | A simple two minute barefoot connection with the grass, sand, sea, or dirt has some of the most profound invisible benefits such as using the negative grounding charge of the earth to balance out the over accumulated positive electrons in the form of free radicals. A very therapeutic and anti-inflammatory treatment.

MOONSTONE | promotes a natural strong hormonal balance for women, and help alleviate menstrual pain, promotes fertility, and eases pain during childbirth. Keep nearby bed or meditate with it regularly. 

WOMANCODE| A book that every woman with a menstrual cycle should have on her shelf. This has become an absolute bible for nourishing the endocrine system and eating for, working with, and living by my hormonal cycle.

MINERAL BATH | deeply nervous system calming with the benefit of remineralizing the body. It’s also a wonderful aid in gently detoxifying while relaxing in a bath. 

SMALL THINGS IN THIS PHOTO | dress | incense 

Photographed by Jamie Arrigo

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips