Mother's Day Offerings


Sunday is a day to honor those that nurtured you, expanded you, loved you, and helped you to evolve into the light that you beam today. And as this day closes in, a few of us will be left wracking our brains of an offering that expresses the right type of gratitude. For some that will be in the form of tangible items. And for others it will be in the form of energy. So we decided to create a list for both.


WONDER VALLEY OLIVE OIL | because this groovy oil’s vibe is sure to take any mother back to her golden years while its buttery taste will round out all of her future recipes.

THE CLEAN BEAUTY BOX | because at last, The Art Of Organics has FINALLY created a gifting system that is luxurious enough for every woman while offering purity, medicinal, and green spa worthy products. It can be shipped to the one you love at the click of a button. Next level!

CLYDE PINCH HAT | to guard and protect her skin that glows from many years of collected wisdom.

TRADE YOKE FLOW PERFUME OIL | a feminine and subtle pure scent for all three doshas, to open her heart, inspire warm acceptance, and enhance serenity.

PALATINE SHOE | to carve out her next journey in timeless and chic style.


A Picnic

A Visit

Foraged Flowers

A loving note

Words from your heart

Personally I will be combining both categories. Today I depart to my hometown with barley where we will gift our energy until Sunday--along with a tangible token.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips