Future Grandmothers


As we wrap up a week of fertility nourishment, postpartum support, tangible and energetic offerings for the mother spirit, and honoring the female, we finish on the wisest woman of all—The Grandmother. The true matriarch of every village is The Grandmother. And it’s what we all esteem and have the honor of being one day—some biologically, some energetically. Nonetheless, they are the wisdom, the truest pillar of your life and the spirit of tolerance, forgiveness, and tradition. These are the women closest to mother earth in human form and even more so if she has passed into spirit form.

My paternal grandmother played the most significant role in my childhood and shaped 80% of who I am today. She introduced me to the plants, the spiritual realm, design, art, non-conforming, strong, confidant androgynous energy that lives truth, and to the most powerful tool of all—the life-long journey of self-education.

So as we journey into this weekend, take a powerful moment to do the following:

+ Hold circle for your eldest Matriarch(s)—in person or energetically.

+ Journal down all the insightful wisdom they have gifted you, so that you can carry the torch to the children.

+ Praise them; for they unite you with a time long before that you will never understand without viewing it through their eyes.

+ Honor yourself, especially the parts that are from them. For these special parts are most likely your interesting bits. So show them off, light them up, and shine as bright as possible because of them. They are what make you “wise for your years” and unique.

You are the future Grandmothers

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips