RAW LEMON + COLOSTRUM CHEESECAKE with Rose Water Strawberry Puree

Today I stand in absolute awe of this unbelievably vibrational recipe created by the stunning goddess Melissa Rousseau of M•PARKE STUDIO.  Last month she shared her wisdom regarding Self Massage of Scars For Energy Flow, and now she is here to kick off summer with a raw recipe that promotes DNA and RNA repair as well as helps to regulate blood glucose levels and brain Chemicals that provide alertness and better concentrations. Get ready for your new favorite raw medicinal indulgence. It's next level. 

M | I adore summer. 

It is a time for slowing down, embracing that inevitable unwinding, and soaking it in.   I love this dessert for its celebration of a few of my favorite summer seasonal gifts: Lemons + Strawberries.  It is light, refreshing, and surely brightens the spirit.  I’ve also added a powerful trio of healing super foods:  Colostrum, Medicinal Mushrooms, and Rose to give it an extra boost. 

I have been using these consistently lately to help give my immune system some much-needed nourishment.  Colostrum is known as “immune milk,” and is packed with adaptogenic properties that have been known to support immunity while assisting in regenerating, boosting, and rejuvenating the body.  This powerful combination of Medicinal Mushrooms promotes overall well being, improves energy, mental abilities, and offers stress and immune support.  Rose helps to balance mood and energy, aid in detoxification, digestion, and is an overall wellbeing soother.

And this Rose Water Strawberry Puree has also become my go-to topping for chia puddings, homemade granolas, and vegan ice creams.


RAW LEMON + COLOSTRUM CHEESECAKE with Rose Water Strawberry Puree




- 1 C Brazil Nuts

- 1 C Shredded Unsweetened Coconut

- 3 T Raw Cacao Powder

- 3 T Maple Syrup

- 1 tsp Vanilla

- Pinch Pink Salt - to taste


-     I added 1T each of Sunpotion’s Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps to give this crust immune enhancing + full system support.  You may need to add a bit more Maple Syrup to adjust stickiness.


-     1 C soaked Cashews with their soaking water (I like to soak mine overnight to ensure a super smooth texture to my filling)

-     3 lemons, peeled and de-seeded

-     7 T Virgin Coconut Oil, melted

-     3 T Raw Colostrum - I love the Surthrival Brand

-     2 packets of Stevia - or liquid stevia to taste

-     2 tsp Vanilla

-     2 T Lemon Zest (one to add to the filling + one to sprinkle on top when finished)


-     7 ripe Strawberries

-     1/4 C filtered water

-     1 T Whole Chia Seeds

-     2 T Rose Water

-     drops of liquid stevia to your sweetness level

-     pinch Pink Salt



-     In food processor, pulse Brazil nuts, coconut, cacao, maple syrup, vanilla, and salt together until sticky.

    - Press into a 9-inch spring form pan.

-     If it's too sticky you can wet your fingers and press into the pan

-     Place into the refrigerator to set.


-     Measure out 1C cashews and fill to cover them with filtered water.  Let sit overnight if possible.  If not, let them soak for at least 2 hours. 

-     When ready, in a strong blender, blend cashews with soaking water, lemons, melted coconut oil, colostrum, stevia, vanilla, and sea salt until smooth.

-     Taste and adjust any flavors.

-     Pour into crust and refrigerate for 1-2 hours until firm.

-     **NOTE: this is lovely as a freezer dessert as well!

-     Remove from fridge or freezer, slice, and serve immediately.

-     Drizzle top with Rose Water Strawberry Puree.


-     In a strong blender blend strawberries, water, chia seeds, stevia, rose water, and salt.

-     Adjust flavors as needed.

-     Chill in the fridge until ready to serve.

Visit M•PARKE STUDIO for more of Melissa's infinite wisdom

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