Ryan and I practice what one might deem as small minimalist living. We gave up his home in Los Feliz in honor of my small space in Echo Park so that we might get rid of the extra bits and generate much more freedom. As expected, such materialized.

The most important component to this very intuitive equation was fine-tuning our minimalistic nature. And with that came a lot of tossing, shedding, letting go, and quality vs. quantity.

More importantly, on an energetic level miraculous occurrences transpired. More abundance, expansive freedom to travel, releasing jobs and bosses, realizing our dreams daily, and understanding how little one actually needs to be happy.

Here are my four notes for igniting the minimalist in anyone and any space.

SIX MONTHS | if you haven’t used or worn it in 6th months, donate it. Truly. You’ll never think of it once it is gone. You’ll be baffled at how quickly something you actually want will fill its place quickly once you make the space for it. And you’ll realize how much lighter you actually feel having gotten rid of so many things that haven’t been used in years.

UNDER THINGS | Ryan has this habit of storing his possessions under furniture—like a squirrel (the couch for example). I’m a firm believer in letting energy flow throughout the whole house and making sure not to create blocks where it can stagnate. This is especially true for “under things”. For this reason, I highly suggest using another form or storage than under you bed, couch, dresser, and so on. Usually these are the items that can be donated, as they are most often “the overflow” (the extras) anyway.

FRENCH RULE | the French closet has always housed A handful of designer pieces and quality basics making up the chic French wardrobe. When I was young I had quantity, quantity, quantity. A lot of cheap shoes. A lot of cheap bags. A lot of cheap clothes. A lot. There was nothing vibrational about this consumerism. So now I fill my house and closet with only 100% natural fibers when possible, and VERY inspiring pieces that truly express my heart. If counted, I’d probably have less than forty items in my closet including shoes, accessories, and undergarments. This also extends to all items in our home. Every pan to every linen has been inherited, gifted, hand crafted, or found on a wonderful thrifting adventure. Survey your home and assess everything you possess by the quality vs. quantity rule.

PAINT | The quickest way to turn your space into a minimal and open creative solitude is to paint. Especially once you’ve parted with 75% of your things that mean nothing to you. I LOVE white paint. To mean, it screams lightness, brightness, and empty canvas to create. It also serves as the perfect background to house incredible art, baskets, hats, wood shelves and ceramics. It stands back and offers nothing more than the light it has to share.

SMALL THINGS in this photo | incense holder | incense | soap 

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