Slow Living


This morning I woke up with a focus—slow living. Slightly north of Santa Cruz on the 1, where I spend a decent amount of getaways, there is a portion called Slow Coast. Neighboring the beach are farms, rolling hills, and a lot of little spots that make jams, chocolates, and other basic delicacies. It’s a dream. And anytime I drive that coast en route to San Francisco or Marin, I think how blissful it must be to live in such a little time capsule where once takes in the day, the salty air, the way the sun hits a certain tree to cast a 3pm shadow, the feeling of picking fruit to make into jam, taking in your lover’s scent—the whole nine.

So today in honor of that very small little space, that is the essence of life, I practice slow living. A few ways to ignite such.

COOK WITH INTENTION | using all five senses while giving thought to those who’ve grown this bounty and the sacrifices they’ve made to work in the ever so impossible industry of small organic farming.

WALK WITH BARLEY | on two feet, so much is in the detail. Current flowers blossoming, neighbors about, the magical picture our sky has opted to paint for us today. Watching Barley in complete utter bliss.

MINDFUL EATING | turning off all other distractions, sitting at the table, with straight posture, and slowly—with gratitude and understanding the nourishment this meal will be giving me—eat.

GIVE UP TIME | all about this life changing experiment here.

NOW | the bases for everything. Consciousness. The hardest most simple thing we can all do. Be here now.

A few musings when the weekend feels close, but so far away.  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips