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Kelsea Delaney of Whatever A Moon Has Meant is my go-to stylist when it comes to all things effortless, chic, and classic—which I believe the “modern woman” to be.  Kelsea brought us our Sweater and Spring guides. Back with just as much grace, she is here to navigate us through the vast options of summer swimwear. And without fail, you are sure to find your seasonal favorite on this list. I have.

K | Living in Southern California, we are lucky enough to experience warm weather for most of the year, but there is something quintessentially unique about the summer months that creates an energy that is unrestrained and full of life. Long days at the beach are abundant, warm nights under the stars are customary. We are pulled towards nature and connect with the earth day in and day out, experiencing her magic in a routine that feeds our bodies and energizes our spirits.

To accompany you wherever summer’s adventures may take you, swimwear that allows you to fully embrace this time with confidence and serenity is a must. Here are a few of my favorites:

MADE BY DAWN DANCER BIKINI | Just the right amount of playfulness and femininity without being overbearing

COS TEXTURED BIKINI | This textured COS bikini in a pale blue is delicate and perfectly understated

MARYSIA MOTT | I’ve been on the hunt for a nude one piece and immediately fell in love with this design by New York based Marysia

PRISM CHATEAU | Made in Italy, this beautifully refined one-piece will have you channeling Sophia Loren as you lay out seaside

MARYSIA PALM SPRINGS | I couldn’t resist coming back to the scallop detailing just one more time

FELLA MIKEY FULL PIECE | An essential black one-piece, this one speaks for itself

ZARA CONTRAST PIPED TRIANGEL BIKINI | For a more minimal-minded beachgoer

PRISM LANIKAI | The sea foam green color, diamond silhouette, and braided texture details create a chic and simple bikini that you can come back to day after day

SHE MADE ME ESSENTIAL ONE PIECE | Handmade in Australia, this crocheted swimsuit is a modern take on a 70’s vibe

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