I’ve struggled, you struggle, we’ve all struggle with jealousy. It’s an emotion that can be completely consuming, debilitating, with an incredibly low vibration. We ALL struggle with this.

As I get older, jealousy rears its head less and less. But every once in a while, when I believe I’ve reached a truly zen place, the universe will send yet another test. Sometimes I pass, sometimes I fail. We all do.

A few steps to help deactivate the fire of this emotion.

INSECURE | it’s important to realize that we are feeling jealous because a subject has something that we don’t have, and they are receiving admiration for it. And we believe that if we posses this item or quality, that we too would be successful and admired. So the first step is recognizing that our jealousy has NOTHING to do with the subject. It has everything to with our own insecurities and pain.

RACE | once we’ve realized that this emotional charge is actual deep pain and insecurity within ourselves, we can rationalize the “the race”. The race is what society has conditioned us to do since day one. Be successful as fast as possible, and you will be loved, admired, and respected. The race is long, sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind, but in the end it is only with yourself.

HONOR | where you are right now—even if it seems to be in the depths of the lowest hole. This is your own unique adventure. You and only you can live this magical, beautiful life that you picked to come through and experience. You will be successful. And it will look completely different than someone else’s, but the sooner you live absolutely your own authentic truth, will you arrive to success. The more you resist, and try to live someone else’s story, the further and further you get from success.

LIGHT | now that you’ve realized that you are not actually jealous of the subject—simply in need of love and healing—you can send the subject light. You can give it away. Not be angry at it for its authenticity or inauthenticity, and be so grateful to be on your own authentic path. By sending this light, this permission, and acceptance, you are deeply helping to heal this space inside you that is pained and insecure.

INSIDE | and the very last step, which can be a journey of a lifetime, is realizing that nothing outside yourself will ever give you love and admiration. Because everything outside you can be taken away—and sometimes will. The only place you will ever receive full, absolute, complete love and admiration is inside. Go inside. You are so unique, special and gifted. Shine that light. Not someone else’s. And when you do this, I CAN’T wait to see you in all your glory and success.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips