Skin, like hair, is an internal focus whereas a lot of people put an external emphasis on it. On the outside of skin, and hair, you have control over cleansing, moisture, sun protection, and cosmetic intervention. But issues such as clear, radiant, acne free skin are all determined from the inside. And a few factors control whether you have clear, glowing, and radiant skin.

ACNE | if you have a hormone imbalance, not enough gut bacteria, eat antibiotic rich foods (dairy and meat that are not organic), often take antibiotics, or don’t get enough fats (short and long chain), you are then acne prone—or acne suffering. To remedy such, probiotics, fats, hormone balance, probiotics, then more fats! And within a month to four months, you can kiss symptoms away for good! I love and recommend WomanCode to every single client with a hormone imbalance. It’s the most practical approach with results that I’ve ever seen. In way of fats, I like for clients to have it with every meal—especially protein (and cooking with it isn’t enough). Fats that are ideal to transition throughout the day:  avocado, raw coconut oil, chia seeds, organic grass-fed butter, fish or primrose oil, and sprouted nuts. I also recommend one form of fermented foods with every meal for healthy gut bacteria: fermented vegetables, miso, fermented dairy (raw kefir, raw yogurt, raw sour cream), kombucha throughout the day, and the list goes on.

DULL SKIN | usually has to do with a toxic, processed diet, and irregular bowel movements which parlays into inflammation and reabsorbed toxins. To remedy such, go organic, ditch anything from a bag or box, and indulge in 2g of Turmeric a day to cleanse the liver and reduce inflammation. Also make sure that you are getting copious amounts of fiber with each meal: ground flax seeds, chia seeds, and fruit/veggies rich in fiber.

ANTI-AGING | antioxidants, hormone balance, collagen, reduced stress and no inflammation. This is your formula to slowing down the aging process in your skin. Your only topical control is sun protection and ample moisture along with methods of exfoliation. But antioxidant rich foods, WomanCode, bone broth in your diet or collagen added to warm liquids, managing your stress, and an anti-inflammatory diet with the support of turmeric is the true ticket to firm skin and slower formation of wrinkles. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips