NATIVE week no.5


My week in links.

REMEDY | because I just simply can't drink anymore. Truly, I end up with the most dreadful day after, even after one glass of wine. In which case, if my wisdom seems to fail me and I indulge in my summer aperitif Lillet Blanc (with a large ice cube and grapefruit peel), I will then make sure to do the following the next morning:  a full 16oz water with fresh squeezed lemon, chlorophyll, and a probiotic to produce bile, cleanse the liver, rehydrate and alkalize the body. Followed by this juice, and these minerals to replace the leeched and depleted minerals used to break down the sugar in the alcohol. I will then enjoy a protein and fat rich breakfast which will usually do the trick. Once the afternoon slump of tired hits, I'll take this B-complex (for energy and to support the nervous system) and have a 15 minute catnap. To each their own. But if my 30 is the new 60, I imagine someone else out there would like a word or two on this subject. 

EXPAND | I've been watching the wisdom of BK Shivani this whole week, and listening to it in traffic. Talk about expansion. 

EAT | anyone in LA, or visiting soon, this spot is in my hood and has become my absolute favorite eatery. I hold every meeting here. LOVE!

READ | I buckled and read "How To Be Parisian" yesterday, and much to my surprise, I am SO grateful that I did. It has given me a newfound respect for my simple, androgynous, chic nature. I implore most women to read. It offers a few great laughs and some of the best advice that I unapologetically already adhere too. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips