Moon Time Smoothie

With the full moon always comes the first day of my cycle. It’s true witchery, but in the most wonderful way. As someone who struggled from bloating, cramps, irritability, mild depression, and breast tenderness two weeks leading up to this sensitive time, to now waking up and realizing it is there with zero signs, I welcome this time with gratitude. And on this day, I’ll say “it must be the full moon,” and without fail it is. I’m perfectly in sync.

During this feminine four to five days, I keep a very specific diet. In fact I eat according to all four phases during the one-month female hormonal cycle—to be exact. And I’ve deemed this particular phase my moon time diet.

My moon time diet is filled with incredibly blood purifying, nourishing, and building foods that replenish what will be lost. Among this bountiful list are foods such as: seaweeds, miso, buckwheat, beet, burdock root, kale, hydrating fruits, sprouted kidney beans, omega rich fish, shellfish, and ashitaba.

Ashitaba, an herb long praised by the Indigenous cultures of China, Japan, and Indonesia serves a plethora of medicinal benefits. I specifically use it during this time for its B12, alkalizing, blood purifying, skin beautifying, and liver tonic properties. And I make sure to get it into a smoothie or tea daily—depending on the temperature of the day. Late spring and summer usually call for a smoothie. Here is my moon time smoothie recipe.


1 c water

Handful of seasonal greens

1 seasonal hydrating fruit

1 teaspoon of Sun Potion Ashitaba

2 tablespoons flaxhemp seeds

1 tablespoon Sun Potion Tocos

1 tablespoon raw coconut oil

PROCESS | blend in a highs-peed blender until smooth (and room temperature so as to not shock the digestive system). 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips