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Truly, when it comes to holistic beauty, Britanie Faith of Beauty By Britanie is your everything. She educated us on The Benefits of Crystals & Gems as well as Transitioning Your Skincare. Today, she so graciously walks us through everything we ever need to know about holistic hair. You'll want to bookmark this post, because it's a keeper! 

B | I've never had such full-bodied, long, healthy hair since completely switching over to an organic & holistic lifestyle. I began three years ago by eliminating any product that contained sulfates (which chemically strip hair of naturally occurring oils, leading to dry, damage & split ends). Then systematically one by one, I stopped applying any personal care product or ingesting any food that wasn't what I refer to as "life enhancing".  I've since discovered nature's abundant gifts from the earth that actually work better to help deeply nourish and support healthy hair growth. I'm always experimenting with organic oils, infusing flowers, powders, crystals and herbs into my formulas (or "witchery brews" as my friends refer to them) to create DIY hair treatments. At least two times a week, I'll use Indie hair products from a brand I admire like La Tierra Segrada, or I'll apply one of my own DIY recipes. 

Whether you're looking to support your healthy hair, clear up any scalp issues, add luster and shine, or even to stimulate new hair growth, these tips will help you achieve your specific goals. I've been using these tips consistently for the past three years and I never imagined that at 30, my hair would be stronger, grow faster, and look healthier than it ever had in my entire life. I don't color my hair, and I have not seen one gray hair (yet!).

 DIY Health Hair Recipes:

 Honey, Egg + Olive Oil Hair Mask for shiny, healthy hair

 Ingredients: 2 eggs, 1 Tbs. raw honey, 2 Tbs. olive oil.

Directions: Mix two whole eggs with 2 Tbs. of olive oil. Add in the raw honey and mix until creamy.

Smooth through your hair from roots to ends until completely covered. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave on for one hour. Rinse with warm water and shampoo until hair is no longer sticky. Use conditioner if necessary. The mixture will only be sticky until you rinse it out and once it's out, your hair will feel extra soft + conditioned! 

 Flower Power Infused Coconut + Neem Deep Nourishing Hair Treatment

Ingredients: (1) Tbs. organic coconut oil, (1) Tbs. organic jojoba oil,  (4) drops of neem oil (I prefer Banyan Botanicals), a pinch of dried rose petals and chamomile flowers (or you can use rose and chamomile tea),  a pinch of ground hibiscus and lavender. 

Directions: Mix all ingredients and pour in a small glass jar. Preferably leave the infusion in the sunshine for a few hours to help synergize all ingredients and let the sun work it's magic to draw all the beauty out of the flowers and into the infusion.

Strain (I use a tea strainer) and massage 2 teaspoons of decoction into your hair from roots to ends. Leave on for a few hours then shampoo thoroughly. I find with this recipe I don't need to condition. If you have a light hair color, you can eliminate the hibiscus and lavender powder from this recipe as they can impart a reddish hue to the hair. With my brown hair color, I welcome the reddish highlights.  

Tips For Healthy Hair

-An organic/natural diet concentrating on the highest quality foods you can find will help you the most. I also rely on superfoods like maca powder, ashitaba, chlorella, ashwagandha and many more of my favorites from Sun Potion for powerful nutritional boosts. Each day I take an omega fatty acid supplement as well as a womens multi-vitamin. Healthy body = Healthy hair.

-I always filter my shower and sink water to eliminate chlorine and other chemicals in tap water that dull hair and dry out the skin.

-Purchase a silk pillow case. I love the feeling of pure silk on my skin at night, and the hair benefits are incredible. I awaken to less tangles and more manageable hair as well as softer skin.

-Limit the use of hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons. Heat appliances can be very damaging to delicate hair. Occasional use is fine of course, but use a few drops of jojoba or argan oil,  lightly brushed through your hair for heat protection is recommended. Try and let hair dry naturally as much as possible.

-Use the correct hairbrush. The best brush for long straight hair is a wide paddle brush. It helps keep the hair smooth and silky. And the extra wide surface makes brushing quicker and easier.

-Scrunchies are your friends! They help prevent hair damage with the flexibility of elastic but covered in soft fabric. 

-Shampoo your hair 1-3 x per week at most. The ultimate goal should be once or twice per week. Overdoing shampoo washes away the natural oils in your hair. I use my DIY dry shampoo recipe in-between regular shampoos. 

-Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar 1-2 x per week. Add one part ACV to one part warm filtered water and apply after shampooing. Leave in hair for a few minutes then rinse. There are unlimited benefits to adding this to your hair care regimen. ACV is a natural conditioner, helps remove product build up, won't strip or dry the hair, and contains antibacterial + antifungal properties which help heal itchy + dry scalp conditions. 

Wellness and organic natural beauty are always cultivated from the inside ~ out. And this I know for sure!

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