Sparrow Lodge Getaway | Palm Springs

free-and-native-Palm Springs Free + NAtive

Palm Springs has always been my close destination to completely escape the city. Even more so than Joshua Tree.  Something about this particular desert speaks to my soul. These past few weeks have been a blur with work, so it was only fitting to finally schedule a trip away from the bustle to get completely ground and restore myself.  This is why I’ve partnered with Sparrows Lodge to enjoy all its chic rustic history and glory this weekend! A few items I consider worth packing - aside from my bathing suit (which I’ll be living in):  

RITA HAT | I was introduced to this by my friend Dana of Gem + Remedy yesterday while catching up. The shape and wide brim kept my heart longing for this piece. 

LUZERN SPF 30 | I'll probably bring this fully mineral sunscreen up a gazillion times. But when you find a product so pure that doesn't leave greasy, vampire-white residue on the face, one simply cannot stop being grateful for such.

APERITIF | the refreshment that will be accompanying me all summer is Lillet Blanc with one rock and a grapefruit peel.  Because I'm my grandmother's granddaughter, and she only drank Campari.  

HADIJA DRESS | self explanatory. OBSESSED. 

SUNNY DAY SLIDES | because I can't take my eyes off the color. 

KAREN WALKER SUNNIES | yes, yes, and more yes. 

SHIVA ROSE VENUS AMBER BODY OIL | when you mix love, Shiva Rose, sunflower, almond, apricot seed, borage, vitamin E, and evening primrose oil with amber, sandalwood, vanilla essential oil and rose quartz, you get my new body oil and scent for the summer! This is femininity, abundance, beauty, hydration, love, and tranquility in a bottle. We're attached at the hip! 

BROOKLYN BEACH SUMMER SPRAY | finally, their summer scent has arrived!!! Neroli water, jojoba oil, and sea salt in a bottle equals body and texture to match a day in the sea with the most feminine scent of orange flower blossom (my favorite!!!) to keep one pondering about endless summers and falling in love. 

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