Perform. From a very small age, deeply imbedded in society, we’ve been performers. How often, from early memories, does one remember being told, “show that dance, artwork piece you made, outfit you put together, song you sing, instrument you play, sport move you do well, you are so beautiful,” fill in the ____... And we realized that the one asking us to perform appreciated us and accepted us in those moments. This created our foundation for self-love, self-worth, and self-acceptance. For when we perform well, we are accepted and people love us.

Ego means low self-esteem. It is a false idea about one’s self. When a subject or person slightly diverges away or says something that doesn’t align with appreciation or acceptance for who we are and how we perform, we are filled with ego. Low self-esteem.

Most operate in this cycle:  happiness, and self-worth is dependent on appreciation from others.

Performance is fine. But dependence and happiness cannot be measured by the acceptance we receive for it. When we appreciate and accept others at all times, even their darkest moments - and especially children - that is building self-esteem everywhere. What if we start appreciating others when they are honest, loving, peaceful, and internally powerful rather than performance? Would this shift the current and future generation of ego?

Happiness is unlimited.

This is what I'm simmering on today. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips