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Having wrapped up my trip in the desert, with nomadic energy still very much in my heart, here are a few of my favorite basics to keep in a tiny basket in the corner of one's house during the summer so they can escape whenever adventure calls. Hopefully to destinations where the sun will kiss your body and saltwater (from the ocean or pool) with cleanse your hair. 

FIG + YARROW | covers all hygiene basis. From a cleansing tooth powder, underarm lotion that protects well against odor, and a quick oral rinse. Let's face it, everything this herbalist puts into the world has been sewn with a tiny bit of magic. 

DR BRONNER'S SOAP | for the purest resource when it comes to bathing your body, a shampoo in a pinch, and a quick laundry detergent for a simple hand-wash, air-dry job. 

MASON PEARSON COMB | slender and classic, this tortoise piece stands the test of any beach detangling, parting, and post shampoo combing. 

HEATHER TAYLOR STRIPE SCARF | handwoven in Chiapas Mexico, this beautiful scarf will triple as your shawl when you get cold, beach throw to sunbathe on, and a soft cotton towel after showers and swimming. 

S.W. BASICS | food grade ultra pure make-up remover, toner, and moisturizer for your sun-kissed face. 

LULU ORGANICS HAIR POWDER | when one is on a summer journey, washing their hair can go many days to week(s), for oceans and pools are usually doing it for you. When the stretch feels long, this INCREDIBLE dry shampoo is here to keep things fresh and holistically fragrant. 

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