Activated Mornings


It was from a great teacher that I recently learned we are much more absorbent (spiritually) in the morning.  In fact up until around 12p, what we absorb can have a profound impact on the rest of our day in terms of how we conserve our energy and focus.  For many in our culture, it is customary to check in on the world’s affairs first thing in the morning.  As an avid follower of current events, I personally will have unconsciously taken in so much of the world’s energy and problems via facets such as NPR, The Skimm, and L.A. Times before I’ve even headed to a hike by 8a.  And as someone that is incredibly sensitive to information, the pain can be a little more than I can handle—which certainly parlays into a day of concern, guilt, helplessness, and anger.

So this week, I’m swapping my morning news portals for slow living.  Conscious living.  This can look different for everyone.  Personally, for me, this will consist of quiet morning focus (meditation) upon waking.  Moving my body with exercise, and then beginning my day with the intention to not let anything waiver my inner balance.

Then I will touch in on all the world’s affairs in the afternoon.  After my day and momentum have taken shape in a positive and non-resistant manor.  For it is from this place of light, positivity, unity, and sturdy connection can you or I make small but more enlightened shifts?  I don’t know?  But logically…yes.

From the Aquarius that would love to solve all the world’s problems, but cannot.  So for now, I’ll take my news in the afternoon. 

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