Well Scent

In my house you know that something is well loved by the condition of its label. Such reflects its journey in my purse, by my bedside, nighttime bath spas, and especially in this case, a splash or two from applying drops vigorously to my aroma diffuser—often. When it comes to these four Well Scent essential oil blends, it’s safe to say that they have been incredibly well loved.

Organic or wildcrafted, 100% chemical and preservative free, lacking parabens or phthalates, with each batch individually handcrafted and tested, these essential oils are as pure and made with love as can be. Created by aromatherapist, Stacy Shuman, to aid in her own healing of Late Stage Lyme Disease, she formulated truly medicinal blends.

As someone that struggles with endocrine issues—namely adrenal fatigue—I’ve been using Energize a few days a week when that sluggish 3pm crash can surface. I’ll simply apply a few drops to my lower back as well as two drops to my water. It’s been phenomenal at taking the edge off.  Feeling similar to the effects of flower remedies.

Smile has been my scent as of late. Rather than my normal roll-on perfume, I’ve been dabbing a few drops of Smile on my wrists, temples, and collarbone. The bold scent of jasmine oil, in this blend, will send me into euphoria for hours.

Rejuvenate has become one of my main supports for liver detoxification. That and consuming copious amounts of turmeric (more on turmeric later). I’ve been adding a couple of drops on my feet before bed as well as two drops in my water daily. This is the first time I’ve used essentially oils to support and aid in detoxification, and I’m fully blown away by its medicinal capabilities. 

And lastly, my aroma diffuser obsession the past few weeks—especially during the full moon—has been the therapeutic elements of Over The Moon (which I chatted about here). I’ve found that this scent truly grounds me with clarity and focus—especially when practicing mudras. 

As someone that was on a quest to find a company with potent and pure essential oils, Well Scent is a true force to be grateful for.

You can follow their Blog and Instagram for wisdom about how one can incorporate essential oils into their daily healing. 

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