Current Reads

I'm a bit of a scattered reader. And I usually keep two-three books in rotation, so that I can cover a vast range of information. In my current lineup, I have these few on the my bedside shelf:

THE GOOD GUT | to truly tap into all the geekiness inside me. One thing I obsess over more than any other topic with my clients is the importance of beneficial bacteria. Well, this dives deep into modern diet, antibiotic overuse, and over sterilization that our gut microbiota is facing, which is causing a "mass extinction". Such is contributing to:  food allergies, autism, cancer, depression, and weight. If you are half as nerdy as I am, add this to your list. Grateful that Ryan's mom sent me this read. 

EARLY USES OF CALIFORNIA PLANTS | I picked up this gem during my last visit home where my dad so kindly shlepped me around to meet elders of the local Indian tribe, old cowboys that used to pack them, and Yosemite for deeper knowledge of their incredibly intricate (but simple) ways. This book is such an interesting read for those of you that are interested in our native medicinal and edible plants, their many function, preparations, and how the Indians used them in every which way (even to dye their grays). I pick a new plant to learn each evening. An herbalist's dream. 

THE MOON DIVAS GUIDEBOOK | sweet Ally Walsh introduced me to this wonderful read. She picked it up at The Henry Miller Library on her recent travels to Big Sur. It covers self-love and the feminine to nurture every woman during every transition she may be facing in life. From mensing to career change. Plus, the design is next level. Patiently awaiting its arrival. 

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