Green Adaptogen Ice Cubes

free-and-native-sun potion green adaptogen ice cubes

These past two weeks have been busy.  No, busy is an understatement.  They have been insane.  But beautiful, distracting, abundant, and ambitious.  When such happens, I go into overdrive.  I literally become militant.  Prepare all my meals on Sunday to feast on for the whole week, organize outfits for everyday and each obligation,  make sure my house is impecable so that my mind stays sane amongst all the madness.  

And due to adrenal and thyroid easily shifting into imbalance, nourishment is the HIGHEST priority on my list.  Especially protein every three hours and keeping my blood sugar levels stable.  Then I turn to Sun Potion's Green Adaptogen which houses alkalinity rich + detoxifying chlorella, adaptogen + energy boosting maca, and energy stabilizing B vitamin rich suma as my secret weapon.  Sometimes these busy (and INCREDIBLY hot times) become impossible for me to make my favorite green smoothie, so I'll freeze some medicinally packed ice cubes to simply throw into my water where I'll be able to absorb a full serving of packed nourishment. 

One a day (sometimes two) is enough to get me through with surging energy. 


2 c water

2 tables Sun Potion Green Adaptogen

Honey or stevia to taste

PROCESS | place in high-speed blender for 30 seconds. Fill ice tray and freeze.  Drop in water, juice, and smoothies for a much needed extra boost!  

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