July has been a magnificent month so far.  Fully enjoying the abundance of raw foods, sunny skies, and all the minerals the ocean has to offer.  I'm in heaven this July.  Here are a few of my staples that are making it all the more enchanting. 

COCONUT KITCHEN | Meredith Baird, per usual, has completely knocked my socks off with her dazzling collection of coconut recipes in this stunning un-cookbook.  From ferments to beverages, I simply cannot put it down.  Here are a couple of AMAZING summer cocktails from the book launch last week. 

MINTED WATERMELON RIND | with aloe, cucumber, mint, and watermelon rind, this truly has become my summer glowing internal facial. 

VINTAGE 550's LEVI'S | the cutest hair stylist trimmed my tangly locks two weeks ago and turned me onto these vs. 501's.  I've since collected three pairs on thrift from my weekend getaways and my tailor has been busy tightening them and cropping the ankles.  I just can't get enough! 

ESPADRILLES | because I've been longing for our last summer in Brittany, France and Paris, I had to pick up a pair of these to feel as if I'm in France everyday of the summer.  These also give the 550's less of a "mom pant" feel. 

PANAMA HAT | for those on Instagram that have been asking where my hat is from.  I live in this thing.  I also just bought this one for good measure.  You can never have enough Panama Palm Leaf hats in the summer. 

OUD STUDY PERFUME | this is my most prized possession as of late.  Finally, my perfect scent has been bottled into this little glass full of magic! And one little dab goes the longest way.  A dream.