New Moon in Cancer | The Essence of Excellence


By now, most of you understand how much velocity and power I pull from the moon.  How much it influences my cyclical life, and how I set intentions or cleanse with this powerful orbit.  Here to touch on the power of this New Moon in Cancer is the very wise and insightful Desiree Pais of Benshen.  She will take us through the importance of this lunar day and how we can elevate our own strength and energy with the power of this moon to break through personal blocks and call in exactly what we deserve - prosperity and happiness - our birthright. 

D | The New Moon is a time and space for new beginnings. The frequency of the lunar energy effects the mind in such a way that the subconscious mind, which controls 95% of our lives, is much quieter. Our dramas, traumas, fears, and doubts are quiet enough for us to listen to what’s really important to us. With the New Moon in Cancer, and Cancer being a Water sign, this a particularly potent time for new beginnings, planting seeds by the emotional intensity of the Heart center, and allowing the water energy to bring them to life. 

Water is the source of all life. In Chinese Medicine, the Water element relates to the Kidneys, which is the seat of our willpower. How strong is your will to let go of that which keeps you stuck? There is nothing, no-thing, no-one keeping you stuck but you. When you come to realize that, you can begin to take one foot and put it in front of the other, pulling yourself out the proverbial muck that keeps you little. And we must do all of this with love, compassion, and the will to be powerful. We discipline ourselves to grow, evolve, and elevate into the highest, happiest, and whole-iest version of ourselves. Willpower has nothing to do with discipline. Discipline comes from the word disciple, which means seeker of Truth. Now is the time to realize that no one can save you but yourself and you have everything you need inside of you to be victorious of your own life.

“Just understand one word. Take it from me, I’m not giving you any Sanskrit word or any religious word or anything. I’m just telling you something which will help you survive through all odds. Whenever you face anything and you don’t have an answer, just call yourself inside and say, “Victory.” Lean on victory. Make it a guide word, make it a precious word. Make it your religion. I don’t know what you are, who you are, why you are. Don’t ask questions. Don’t do your analysis. Don’t try to solve problems. Just utter the word “Victory. ” With just the mental utterance of this word your whole life will change.” - Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga 

Here in New York, we are holding a New Moon gathering at Sky Ting, a gorgeous new studio in the heart of Chinatown. Inspired by Victory and Excellence, we will be working with the Eight Elements of Excellence as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This gathering is inspired by the first element: The Vision - To see your goal and keep it in your consciousness. So often we see a goal, a vision, a dream and we become inspired by it, projected forward by the velocity of hope. But shortly after, we find ourselves ridden by fear, doubt, and turn our backs on our dreams, walking right back into the safety net we’re so comfortable in. And yet again, we have “fallen off the wagon.” 

How do we get out of that cycle, when day after day, month after month, we start over and over and over? This is where meditation comes in. Especially with practices like Kundalini yoga, which give us and connect us to an infinite source of energy, we become more powerful. We need power to move through our fears and project toward our dreams. Without power, without energy, we don't have the strength to conquer our emotions when they rise up and take over. My teacher Chris Chen recently challenged me in conversation by asking me, “What’s the quickest way to lose your power? By giving into your emotions. What’s the quickest way to become powerful? By doing exactly what you say you are going to do.”  

For our ceremony, we will set intentions for what we wish to call forth in our lives and set the intentions as if they are already happening: I am, I have, I already, I met, I make… Followed by intention setting, we will use Kundalini yoga to charge up our intentions and remove the blocks that prevent us from making our intentions a reality. One of the mediations we will be doing is called “The Caliber of Life Meditation” to build the Nervous System strength to handle our dreams when they come true. Give it a try. Start small, only for 3 minutes. Be victorious. Be strong. Be in Love. 

“Mentally utter the word victory; try it. You’ll find the strength of a hundred angels behind you.” - Yogi Bhajan

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