Smoked Salmon, Kraut, Avocado Roll

Salmon Kraut Avocado Roll

Busy and snacks go hand-in-hand.  Especially quick and easy ones.  And since I've been busy, this has been my token snack as of late.  Amanda of Moon Juice taught me the modified version of this which was simply nori, avocado, and fermented vegetables (sauerkraut) - equally as divine.  

Due to needing my blood sugar levels stable at all times to feed my adrenals, I have protein every two hours (ALWAYS).  Otherwise, it becomes a snowball effect of fatigue, waking up at 3a, eczema surfacing, and mood swings.  Endocrine balance and health are my number one focus, and this is the perfect quick snack to suffice that two hour mark. 


2 strips of Smoked Wild Caught Coho Salmon

Raw Nori Sheet

2 tbls Fermented Vegetables 

1/4 avocado | sliced 

PROCESS | spread fillings evenly in the middle of the nori sheet, wrap tightly (doesn't have to be pretty or fancy), and eat with a side of fermented organic tamari sauce

BENEFITS | thyroid feeding | lean protein | hormone feeding fats | probiotic rich | skin feeding | blood sugar stabilizing 

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