Growing up with a clairvoyant mom, a family psychic, and summering with my grandparents at their Santa Cruz house, it was safe to say that there was always a deck of Tarot around.  I personally draw a card often - sometimes daily - a three card draw weekly, and when I need deeper insight, I'll be sure to pop in and visit Erin at Vardo Tarot.  Here are the go-to sets. 

THE RIDER DECK | the classic.  This is my personal FAVORITE, though I don't personally use it.  My mom lives by these and has always guided me in the perfect direction with them through my many years of forks in the road.  I find it to be the most amazing design element in the house - even for the nonbeliever! 

ANGEL TAROT CARDS | though the art is atrocious, I have used this deck since the age of nineteen because the message and cards area always uplifting and positive.  I've given many friends readings with these, and they have NEVER led me astray.  On the hippie real talk, I work with my angels often.  That's who I address when I'm manifesting anything in my life, who I give gratitude to, and who I seek guidance from.  Why change it if it's not broken right?  So these will remain until the end. 

NATIVE AMERICAN TAROT | though I've never personally drawn from this deck, I have a couple of friends that love them.  I find the art to be a design element.  And energy is energy so I imagine they preform just as well as any other deck. 

THE WILD UNKNOWN | And lastly, everyone and their mother has purchased this deck in the last two years.  I've never been partial to them.  Possibly because it blew up so much?  I'm not quite sure, really.  Amanda of Moon Juice pulled a three card spread on me once and they were incredibly accurate and insightful.  So they have my vote of confidence.  And though, in my opinion, the design doesn't trump the vintage Rider Deck, I find their mystic allure very visually appealing. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips