Summer Fig & Coconut Tonic | Gem + Remedy

This weekend was full of summer fever and heat.  The only concentrating I could do was mapping out my route to the nearest beach or pool to soak up that summer feeling that I love so dearly.  So after finishing a tiny bit of work on Sunday, I dashed over to my inspiring friend Dana Schmalenberg of GEM + REMEDY'S house where we floated in her pool for the better part of four hours.  Then she insist that I try her latest cold tonic recipe.


One sip of this had me buzzing as if I had done a line of something far less medicinal!  All while tasting like the most INCREDIBLE chocolate cold summer shake.  This powerhouse pumps up your happiness, hydrates you from the inside-out, boosts your immunity, delivers copious minerals, beyond energizing, endocrine nourishing, delivers probiotics to your gut, and is incredibly anti-aging (not to mention an aphrodisiac).  I felt supercharged after drinking it amongst her stunning crystal and gemstone collection.  NEWEST OBSESSION!!!!! 



2 frozen organic green figs
1 tsp Sun Potion astragalus 
1 probiotic capsule (Garden of Life RAW brand)
1 tsp Whole World Botanical  maca
1 tsp Sun Potion cordyceps
1 tsp Sun Potion macuna pruiens
1/2  tsp Sun Potion ashwagandha
1 tablespoon Sun Potion raw cacao powder
1/4 tsp Moon Juice almond butter
1 full stopper full of ginseng
four drops of Omica stevia (or less, to taste)
cover with raw coconut water, to desired consistency.

PROCESS | blend in a high-speed blender until creamy.  Garnish with chia seeds to add more protein and omegas. 

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