Persephenie Apothecary

I stumbled upon Persephenie through CHAY boutique in Los Angeles.  Being design obsessed, I just couldn’t handle their incredible little perfume bottles that felt like a gothic potion emulating the vintage Victorian apothecary feel.  When I actually had the honor of trying an array of products, I was in aromatic euphoria.  Vintage organic hard candies laced with rose, jasmine, and vanilla, mystic golden incense resin, and therapeutic smelling salts - perfectly executed in every detail.  Here are the Persephenie staples that have made their way into my everyday use, and offer me – if only momentarily – the gift of feeling as though I’ve stepped back in time to an old European apothecary.

OUD STUDY | many of you have seen my declaration of devotion to this all encompassing perfume on Instagram. “sweet, spicy, and earthy perfumes dives straight into the heart of various exotic flowers and spices including jasmine, tuberose, cardamon, clove, and nutmeg.  It’s complexity resides in it’s tenacious dry down which includes lichen, jatamansi, tobacco, oud, sandalwood, ambrette, and onycha.”  I’d even go so far as to say it was kismetly and perfectly formulated just for me.  We literally fit like a glove, and not a day goes by that I don’t dab it on the feminine bits (wrist, hair, and back of neck).

SALTY JASMINE CANDIES | the weirdly mature 8 year old in me would have killed for this fancy tin of small batch, hand crafted (cut on marble exactly like the old methods) hard candies that are dusted with magic.  Sweet and salty are already a dream, but it is the rose water, jasmine, and vanilla that transcend me to a time long ago where women wore lace gloves and sipped tea by the rose garden. A true delicacy.

CALM BALANCE & MENTAL CLARITY SMELLING SALTS | these menthol crystals are infused with therapeutic essential oils to elicit exactly what one needs in the moment.  They accompany my bedside, and are used with the cycles of the sun and the moon.  Rising and descending.  Upon waking, a few whiffs of the mental clarity invigorate my whole respiratory and go straight to my brain activating it into alert focus.  Where the calm balance is my last breath before bed invoking peace, serenity, and balance.

INCENSE | perfectly hand shaped over the course of several days, and sourced from magical places, I am simply in love with EVERY single one of her offerings.  From the cones to the lose resin, each is so stunningly formulated with true medicinal insight.  And each offer a different energetic shift from one to another.  I’m especially drawn to Gold and Willow

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