Post Holiday Blues


I’m never one of those people that return from holiday and say, “It’s so great to be home.”

If I could live in eternal flight, travel, exploring, meeting new people, and in constant motion, I would.  This makes me one of those souls that suffers from the unpacking blues.  The longer the trip, the longer it takes me to shake the funk.  So I now have devised systematic events to help distract myself and make the transition happier and more desirable.

Here are a few of my favorite homebound tactics to remedy the return blues.

DINE OUT | Schedule a dinner out at my favorite eateries with a close friend upon return.  This helps me acclimate and realize my surroundings.  How special and unique my neighborhood is. I also ALWAYS hit Moon Juice to refresh my body with some deep nourishment, alkalinity, and detoxification.

HOME SPA | this usually entails a dry body brush, bath salts, nail trim, file, and buffer.  Also a deep cleanse, FACEOLOGY crystal clarity, raw honey mask, followed by MYSTIC heart blend toner, and deep moisture.  A little self-care weirdly cleanses my travels away and leads me through the threshold of home and solitude.

SAUNA | I’ll hit the sauna at my gym for deep muscular relaxation and detoxification.  There is something about a good sweat that picks up the “back home” blues.

MEDITATION | and of course, last but not least, a solid meditation with kundalini will really ground my sorrows, raise my energy, open up my subconscious, and elicit focus and approach for all the wonderful and inspiring ambitious realized breakthroughs that I had while away. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips