Water Conscious


Water, to me, has always been a B.F.D!  Before I understood the severity of the California drought, I implemented these water saving tactics.  And since resources continue to get more and more scarce, I pick up new habits constantly.  Driving through wealthier neighborhoods in Los Angeles, I’m always so taken aback by the lack of water consciousness.  Emerald green lawns continue to pull at my heart-strings a little.  And though I don’t judge these lawns or the wonderful people behind them, it does drive me to be yet another force that inspires thought and consciousness around the act of water conservation and respecting this natural, very precious resource. 

We are so privileged in Los Angeles, for each time I visit my family’s ranch in northern California, I really get to truly see the drought in its true form.  Not being able to shower at my father’s last summer due to the well going dry was a true awakening.  So these are my hippy water conserving methods that are incredibly easy to implement.  And for those that already practice these—and more—I personally thank you for your effort and consciousness.  

Wash only full loads of laundry

Turn off the shower while I shave

Fill the bath up only a quarter of the way

Use a broom to sweep my patio and patio furniture

Turn off water while I brush my teeth

Use (literally) ANY excess drinking and dish water to water my indoor and outdoor plants

NEVER wait for water to warm up in sink or shower before using 

Use the very slightest drizzle to wash dishes

Swapped my plants for succulents and let go of my garden.  This allows me to only buy from and support the local farmers that truly need that water.

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