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Shiva Rose embodies the ultimate holistic force of nature.  She captured our hearts with her blog, The Local Rose, providing a bible for all things spiritual, pure, and holistic.  Now she has formulated the perfect gifts for all women everywhere with her ultra nourishing, 100% toxic free line of products, Shiva Rose, that provide equal parts radiance with goddess.  I’m especially inclined to her Venus Body Oil for all of its rose quartz, borage, evening primrose, amber, and sandalwood oil, feminine glory.  It truly offers that luminous je ne sais quoi that can make one feel grounded, loved, and powerful even on their gloomiest of days.  Today Shiva shares her Tantric Summer Solstices ritual and staples to keep us connected and elevated during this incredibly powerful season.   

S | I just returned from the mountains of New Mexico where I had magical few days. I went for the Summer Solstice White Tantric days that Kundalini Yogis and Sikhs practice. It is a powerful experience where the eight hour days of meditation in the intense heat bring about life changing transformations. This was my second time going, and I am still buzzing from the beautiful days. The Tantric meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan, can help us break through subconscious blocks and bring more awareness and light into our lives. In fact the changes take place for 40 days after the meditation. Holding poses for eight hours a day with breaks in between really makes one face their ability to be challenged. I had a few things that helped me move though the days with even more joy.

I took a few spoonfuls of Sun Potion’s Prash Formula 

This combination of super tonic herbs, ghee and honey gave me the extra energy to keep focused. The herbs like Mucuna Pruriens, Ashwagandha. Reishi, and Astragalus were like a balm to my nervous system.

My new Radiant Rose Water Toner/Mister was salvation for my skin. The New Mexico summer can be harsh and drying, but by misting my face throughout the day I felt rejuvenated. The mix of sea minerals, aloe, and rose and jasmine made my skin sing! 

There is no money to be exchanged during the Tantric hours however the day before you can buy some lemon/ginger drinks to have for the next day. Nothing tasted better than ice cold ginger/lemon/honey water drinks that fed my exhausted body with electrolytes and fluids. 

Wearing white expands your aura by 100 times and all must be in white in the tantric hall. I wore some whites by my friend’s company Beyond Yoga

Sitting on the floor for hours on end can be tough on the joints but I placed my sheep skin on one of these beautiful sacred felt mats made with love in Mount Shasta. 

My sweet friend Amanda from Moon Juice gave me some activated moon snacks that I ate in between sets. The turmeric lime pepitas gave me little blasts of pure energy. 

To write down vital downloads during meditation is key! I used my triple goddess journal to write down messages from my unconscious. 

Tantric necklace. I wear my pearl necklace to all mediations since it carries the good energy in the geometric pattern. 

My Heather Taylor Shawl kept my shoulders warm after the New Mexico sun set behind the glorious mountains.

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