Mosquito Bites

free-and-native-Banana Mosquito Bite

A week ago, I seemed to have been bitten—what felt like—a gazillion times by some very over excited mosquitoes.  Then the incredibly insightful Desiree Pais of Benshen swore by the method of rubbing the inner meat of a banana peel on each bite.

Mind blown!  Not only did it rapidly reduce swelling and take away the itch,  I also had the smallest little red dot remaining the next morning.  This little remedy is a true Godsend for this pale soul that is SUPER prone to swollen red bumps that last for days post bite.

So as we depart into this summer weekend, make sure to keep bananas nearby for all annoying mosquito bite purposes! 


Upon bite, wash the surface well.  Peel a banana and rub the inner meat side on the bite making sure to cover it well.  Poof, watch/feel the magic before your eyes!

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