Summer Sick Day

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I NEVER get sick.  It's become the most phenomenal thing.  And through a series of not eating my fermented vegetables regularly, a couple of drinks, and staying up late this weekend, my body finally decided to tell me to slow down after three years of a clean bill of health.  I woke up Monday morning with slight congestion, a foggy head, and fatigue.  Though mild, I finally caught the cold that has been waiting to catch up with me for some time.  Here is how I remedy summer colds. 

REST | do hear me when I say that slowing down and resting are the most important aspect of recovery.  Shutting down and letting your immune system do what it does best trumps all other remedies against sickness, and works delightfully in conjunction with other remedies.  However if you eat well, take all the herbs you can, and simply do not rest/slow down, it will take much longer to recover. 

FIRE CIDER | this ancient herbal formula is the heaviest hitter when I'm ill.  Packed with major immunity and heavy anti-bacterial and anti-microbial foods and herbs, I take this in 2oz shots three times a day.  Here is the recipe if you'd like to make your own to have on hand through sick seasons ahead. 

MAGNESIUM FLAKES |  once a night to every other night, I'll run the bathwater as hot as I can stand, pour a full serving of ancient mineral magnesium flakes in the tub, and I'll soak for 20-30 minutes simultaneously sweating out the toxins while allowing the minerals to suck them out of me.  It is also wonderful for calming the whole nervous system for a deep night's sleep (where profound recover happens). 

CILANTRO CELERY PUNCH | because it is summer, when I'm ill I truly crave raw foods and juices that give my digestion a break and allow for my immune system to simply focus on healing.  This is one of my favorite daily juices during this time.  To detox as well as strengthen immunity through ginger and lemon. 

KRAUT & BONE BROTH |  as soon as I'm ill, I get bone broth going.  I'll usually enjoy a bowl in the evenings to relax my whole body for sleep, reduce inflammation, and enjoy its immense immunity strengthening properties.  I also eat my kraut throughout the day to help the detoxification process more, and provide immune boosting probiotics.  Here and Here are the recipes for both. 

VITAMIN C | this is my favorite bioavailable source!

WELLNESS FORMULA | I've used this herbal formula for years and years.  It's is a true staple and always helps speed up the healing process.  Great to have on hand when you feel something coming on.  Wonderful for curbing an early illness. 

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