7 Rules for Astrological Interpretation | Danielle Beinstein

A couple of weeks ago, I had the luxury of having my natal chart read by Danielle Beinstein.  What separates this stunning soul amongst most astrologers is her grounded and articulate way of decoding one's chart with a very psychological and practical approach.  After completing her undergrad at NYU, she went on to receive an MA in Spiritual Psychology.  And as the furthest thing from hippie-dippie granola, Danielle is L.A. and N.Y.C's graceful, intellectual, and chic astral guide.  Here she gives us seven reasons to love her even more by navigating us through how-to not get "caught up" in the mainstream traps of interpreting astrology.  

1. Life always trumps astrology. Trust your inner self, first and foremost. The world is far more mysterious than any one astrologer’s interpretations. If you meet the person of your dreams or land a coveted position during a retrograde period, go for it. Astrology is a guide, nothing more and nothing less. Plus, you may be experiencing other personal transits that outweigh any given retrograde period. Don’t listen to the doomsayers. Astrology is not about fear-mongering. At least not in my book.

2. Our Sun signs are a fraction of astrological interpretation. There is so much more to a chart. There are 10 celestial bodies spread (or not spread, depending on the individual) across 12 houses. We are infinitely complex, right? You would never limit any one individual to a single attribute. So why would our natal charts be any different?

3. Compatibility is so much richer and meatier than how our Sun Signs interact. See above. Now multiply it by 2.

4. There is no such thing as a good or bad chart. For example, someone with a so-called challenging chart (with lots of squares and oppositions) will likely possess a great deal of drive, while someone with an easy chart (with lots of trines and sextiles) may be more comfortable in the status quo. One could say, therefore, that a difficult chart as a gift, one that fuels one’s fire. Who said there is only one way to be? Astrology is about working with what you have, not against it. If you’re meant to be a gazelle, be a gazelle. Don’t try to be an elephant. I mean you could, but why would you want to? I can’t imagine anything more painful. And I would know - I did it for years.

5. Astrology is not magic. I believe in a benevolent universe. That is to say, if you’ve been treating everyone (including yourself) like s#*t, you may experience temporary (illusive) highs or gains (Jupiter), but it will come back around (see Saturn). Conversely, if you put in the effort (and I mean on an energetic/ self-awareness/ inspired action level, not about running yourself into the ground Amazon-employee style), you will see rewards. I believe that with all my heart.

6. Speaking of Saturn, every human being is on their own cycle of growth and maturation. Your colleague who is rocking it at 26 while you’re still slogging through at 33, could very well have Saturn transiting the top of their chart, while it’s traversing your 6th house, forcing you to perfect your technical skills. Life ebbs and flows – for everyone. Astrology simply helps us align with our destiny.

7. Set New Moon intentions. They work! As Arianna Huffington says, “life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.”

For deeper astral insight, follow Danielle's Instagram, blog, pop into one of her meditations, or pick up a copy of her co-authored New Moon Circle Journal. 

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