I’m about to tell you something that might be a little bitter to digest at first:  LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE EASY.  Not to be confused with:  life shouldn’t take any work.  The difference is important to realize.  And the easy notion may take some pondering, self-reflecting, wrestling, even coaxing—but I implore you to come to this conclusion, in the end.  We are born with a unique journey that is very supreme, individual, and divine to each and every one of us.  But we spend majority of our time, on this earth, replicating those of our peers, ones who’ve come before us, or how we believe we should be journeying on our paths.  However, when we finally decide to take a step onto our own authentic path – which I refer to as downstream – it is then that life becomes easy.  

Downstream, to me, is defined as the path of least resistance.  If you are feeling resistance or “push-back”, then you need to alter your navigation.  Example, I was a model and an actress from seventeen to twenty-five (I know, the very thought of it makes me cringe now).  And though I always had great representation, worked, and went out on every project, I didn’t book as much as my friends.  I was constantly a circle trying to fit into a square.  It wasn’t my path of least resistance.  In fact, I spent every waking moment in class, rehearsing, studying, and going on auditions.  I personally pushed back with every single muscle in my body.  But as soon as I stepped onto my authentic path (one which always came very naturally to me and interested me much deeper - this one), everything has magnetically come to me with complete ease, and new opportunities constantly flow into my life.  When I work with clients, I ask them to self-navigate their path(s) based on a few guidelines:

RESISTANCE | look around in your life.  What is giving you the most pushback?   Trouble?  Hardship?  Challenges?  Is it your career, relationships, interests?  Revaluate. 

PATH | once you’ve assessed those components of your life that aren’t natural and with ease, sit quietly and listen, for the path of least resistance will come to you.  It’s never far from your intuition.   And your internal compass will lead you exactly where you are supposed to go next.  Meditate.

FLOW | once you have committed down this alternative path in way of career, relationships, self-relationship, anything, find the flow.  Don’t force this path.  Walk on it with ease.  Chip away daily.  And soon you’ll see the abundance that will truly flow in because you are no longer the fish swimming with all your might upstream.  You’ll soon be the fish simply floating with the current downstream. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips