Collagen Booster

Because of this heat, I haven’t been consuming much bone broth or gelatin lately (which contains a lot of collagen), so two weeks ago when I was walking down an aisle at Whole Foods, this supplement popped out at me.  I was reluctant to give it a go at first because I had recently tried another supplement with hyaluronic acid - without any visible shifts in my skin.  But because of the patented complex to support collagen re-growth in this product along with the hyaluronic acid, I decided what is there to lose?  And it lacks: wheat, soy, lactose, sugar, yeast and all the other weird stuff that can litter a supplement.

OMG!!! After two weeks, I’m completely astonished at how amazing my skin looks.  It is incredibly hydrated.  The only other time it has looked this hydrated, glowing, plump, and clear was during my time in Colombia last year where the humidity soared.  That and I visibly see less wrinkles.  The hydration?  The collagen boost?  Whatever it is, I’ve rushed out and told every girlfriend I know to pick up asap! Mind blown!

Here are the deets | A patented complex designed to support and increase the collagen production of your skin. Collagen is the most integral part of the skin’s fabric, giving your skin and your complexion the elasticity and glow of youth. Collagen, a mesh-like structure is the most abundant protein found in the skin. It naturally forms a system to support the skin as well as encourage new cellular growth. As we age our production of collagen declines and the internal supportive mesh weakens, leaving our skin flaccid and lackluster. COLLAGEN BOOSTER ensures that your skin has the best chance to restore itself so that it looks radiant and is soft and silky to the touch.

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