These past few weeks have been HOT.  But I've handled them well with frequent ocean swims and cooling foods.  Here are a few of my favorite - maybe redundant, maybe reminding - ways to stay cool and hydrated. 

RAW COCONUT WATER | machete the top, or poke a hole through the shell, and drink merrily.  Otherwise, for people without machetes or time, simply pick up Harmless Harvest

ICED HERBAL INFUSIONS | I drink two cups of these daily.  I live and swear by this dense bio-available source of vitamins and minerals.  After the herbs have had four hours to infuse, I'll simply place my jar in the fridge and enjoy this in place of two cups of water throughout the day. (tip, nothing has ever made my hair grow as quickly, thick and shiny as incorporating infused nettles daily into my diet).  Find my Feminine herbal infusion recipe here.

FREEZE MY FRUIT | It's nearly impossible for me to get through the abundance of stone fruit and figs that I pick up weekly at the Farmers' Market before they turn.  So I keep 1/4 of them fresh then cut up the rest and store them in my freezer for a daily smoothie or to whip up some quick popsicles.  Lately, raw coconut water has been the hydrating base of my smoothies. 

ONE PART MELON & ONE PART WATER | into the blender to make incredibly hydrating juices quickly.  This is usually a juicy watermelon! 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips