Conscious Communication Round Up


Conscious communication has become a topic incredibly intriguing to me, and how I approach my close relationships - along with how they approach me.  Having grown up in multiple houses where manipulation, passive aggressive conversations, emotional-sweeping-under-the rug, and defensiveness serve as the main forms of harder conversations, like most aspects of any cycle, I've become determined to break this one. 

Conscious communication is a way of talking and listening that is focussed on growing strong and mutually enriching relationships.  It honors a few key principles such as:  speaking with intention, minding your body language, clarity, eye contact, conveying intention slowly, communicating during times that aren't harmful to one another, and striving for calm and upbeat emotions.    

Where conscious listening is a way of being intentionally present and compassionate during conversation.  I wanted to share a few round-ups pertains to this conversation for those that find this topic equally as instrumental, refreshing, and expanding when pertaining to friends, colleagues, parents, children, lovers, or any other meaningful relationships one harbors. 

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