Polyrachis Ant

free-and-native-Sun Potion Polyrachis Ant

Polyrachis ant, coined "the forever young" tonic for its strengthening of the entire kidney system, including sexual function, nervous system, skeletal structures, and renal system.   Used to prevent symptoms of agin such as memory loss, joint problems, fatigue, and cardiovascular system.  And powerful business people such as CEO's often indulge in this herb to increase energy both daily and long term.  Ants are notorious for carrying loads of over 100 times their weight, so this is why consuming non-toxic ant products have been used for centuries to curb fatigue and offer much more energy.  

It also is notably used for increasing libido for both men and women.  Both to increase their interest in sex and their sexual performance.  Also, ant is considered a premium adaptogen on par with herbs such as Siberian Ginseng, Cordyceps, and Gynostemma. 

I absolutely love this herb and add 1/4-1 teaspoon to a warm or cold (pending on the weather) tonic daily!   If one is looking to reduce stress, amp up their energy and libido, this may be your new best friend. 

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